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Hello~ welcome to my multi-fandom blog! My name is Adriana, I'm a 23 y.o. college student & I am on a life-long mission to make this a better world! Starting with: saving the sharks!

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Here you will mostly see ANIME, A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE / (Game of Thrones), K-POP (Proud SONE), SCIENCE, VIDEO GAMES, TATTOOS & NATURE STUFFS. I hope you enjoy your stay! <(^.^)>


A Game Of Secondary Characters ♌ Samwell Tarly

"The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice as Samwell Tarly had"


if you lack drama in your life just join the kpop fandom



Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything



when will they make water proof books so I can read in the shower or bath

At some point you just gotta have to forget about it, forget about your ego and get on the dance floor- Kit Harington


I just found out that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul dress up as other Breaking Bad characters for season wrap parties and Halloween.

7 years. Indestructible. 


Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition